Next month marks the arrival of Thrashing Thru the Passion, the new album from The Hold Steady. Their seventeenth (!) full-length to date was teased in June with “Denver Haircut”, and now comes a fresh single called “You Did Good Kid”.

The four-minute cut is highlighted by frontman and songwriter Craig Finn’s detailed, story-like lyrics, which include particularly visual passages. “We were sleeping on the shuttle on the way to the club/ And the holy perception and the most precious blood/ It flooded the ruts and it soaked the upholstery,” he sings. “The driver made us walk the remainder”

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“‘You Did Good Kid’ is the first song we worked on for this session, and remains a favorite,” Finn explained in a statement. “It went though a few iterations before we came to this arrangement, and I’m really psyched on it. It feels great to play live.”

Hear it for yourself below.

Thrashing Thru the Passion, the follow-up to 2017’s Teeth Dreams, arrives August 16th through Frenchkiss Records. The Hold Steady have a slate of summer and fall tour dates lined up, tickets for which can be purchased here.