“The Grey”, in its newly remixed by Jeremy Page version, is a tasty track that you’re gonna have on repeat.

Indie-soul, funk and hip hop converge on a spectacular reimagining of Johnny Burgos‘ original “The Grey”, with Page and Kendra Morris transforming it into an electrifying duet of hope, truth and purpose. In its original version, the song is also great and carries awesome vibes within, but Page turned it into a much more soulful and elegant piece of pure delight.

The reinvented instrumental sounds more dimensional and ultra-juicy, with the vocals gracefully dancing along, contributing to the overall dynamics and wholeness of the sound design.  Kendra Morris’ voice enters this version of the track right on time to bring even more flavour. Her brilliant vocals, stand along Burgos’ and perfectly complement them, which makes this remix so much special.

So don’t wait too much, just go ahead and bite into this remarkable makeover, till it’s still warm!