The latest track “Tears Fall Like Rain” from saaaz proves to be everything we already know about her beat-making: catchy, unique and just downright impressive. 

Supported by Echo World, the song has a distinct sound and aesthetic that immediately distinguishes Lo-Fi by saaaz from that of other producers. Heavily driven by the vocal that repeats the phrase “tears fall like the rain” throughout the song, it is, quite literally, a challenge to even attempt to get this song out of your head – though I’m sure you won’t want it to leave. 

Aside from the talking vocal, the drums on the tune are inevitably the standout. Saaaz’s talent for beat making is apparent as the percussion stays tight, tasteful and melodic throughout. The song feels moody and mysterious, yet perfect for what it markets itself towards. If there is such thing as a chill beats to ponder your life to playlist, “Tears Fall Like Rain” would find itself at the number one spot. 

The Japanese anime style that accompanies the track on the Spotify canvas plays a remarkable role in grasping the feel of the song. The animation helps to amplify the style and mood saaaz successfully portrays and creates a scenery in your mind that perfectly partners this tune. Whether it’s a late night drive or a walk in the rain, “Tears Fall Like Rain” is guaranteed to make an appearance.