This one comes across as a slightly different taste from Kodama, when compared to some of his older and heavier bass-oriented releases, but it still holds that distinct, recognizable “Kodama” style. The Shades of Violet compilation is full of tunes, engraved with a notable deep dub influence, but with an ambient twist. The 7th track “Talk more” is no exception.

It sounds lo-fi and raw, yet somehow still clean and crisp. The use of the vocal sample in different registers gives it a melancholic and mysterious feel, so the whole tune lets your mind wander. The atmospheric, lush and slow sounds in the melodic department, complemented by a lot of movement in the rhythm section with the almost trap-like hi-hats and clean punchy drums are the perfect combination, even though out of this context they could be considered as contrasting elements.

Perfect for enjoying on the go, as well as in the coziness of your own home, where only your thoughts keep you company – basically everything you want from a well-put-together piece of music. Happy listening!