Some lofi magic sprinkled gently on your day, this track will lift your spirits with ease.

Crafted by US drummer and producer Hunter Krasa, “take a stroll” is a dreamy instrumental track, which combines soft percussion, cheerful melodicism and lots of glittery bells- to bring some positive vibes to your day. Hunter elaborates:

“take a stroll” was created to bring joy and positivity to the study heart genre. After writing a string of more somber songs, I wanted to experiment with more upbeat sounds, centred around the feeling of a bright spring meadow. The ambient bird noises during the b section bring a bit of that feeling to life, but the real fun comes from the interplay between the array of different airy instruments. I toyed around with different flutes and bell sounds to nail the breezy feeling and include a lot of back and forth motion between all of the instruments to keep the beat fresh and engaging.