Nothing better than a jazzy hip hop bop, when you need some sonic push to make it throughout the day. This funky new track by Futurnot is definitely one to give you tons of energy and boost your mood.

Their third single features Seattle-based MC Moe Betta. “Supernova” is the densest track on their forthcoming album. Like its title implies, this track is exploding with power and illumination. Massive pocket, deep bass, driving lyrics delivered by the veteran emcee, crispy guitar, otherworldly synth sounds, soaring horn melodies, peaks, and valleys, “Supernova” takes you on a journey that has something for everyone. The track was the first of three songs the group wrote in collaboration with Moe Betta and one of the newer additions in their repertoire.

The group’s debut LP Greatest Hits comes out on November 19th, so stay tuned for more of this goodness.