23rd of April – the day jazz beat lovers around the world had one more reason to wake up excited. That was the day Kiefer dropped his new album Between Days – 8 wonderful beats and features including familiar names like The Kount, LIKEY INSPIRED.

Released via the legends at Stones Throw Records, the album is the last one of the trilogy and the worthy descendant of Bridges (2019) and Superbloom (2019). In a chat with the label, Kiefer says,

Between Days is about transition, feeling old even though I’m not, missing friends, finding purpose, and remaining hopeful.

I decided to share with you one of the singles that Kiefer dropped prior to the official release. Spaced out jazzy beat called “Superhero”. One of the warmest and cozy sounds on the release. The keys feel almost improvised, which could have easily been the case. I just imagine drinking coffee, sitting on a window, and overlooking the city while this plays in the background.

“Superhero” came from an idea I recorded in 2018, but fleshed out in 2020. This song makes me feel like a fuckin’ superhero. The piano tone is my cape and you can hear it flapping in the wind.

The motions on “Superhero” are chilled, mesmerizing and the perfect fit to the beat. Hit play and doze off.

You can also stream the full release below. Have a wonderful day, Internet friends.