An uplifting, fun, and romantic tune, “Summer Fling” by D a v i d J a m e s carries the sound of those care-free summer moments we all know and love.

The fresh feel comes in right off the bat. The sax melody and the rhythm section introduce the conversational back and forth tone of the track that is both vulnerable and flirtatious. The tune’s chemistry builds into a soulful and skillfully played jazzy guitar solo that finally breaks the ice and goes back to the uplifting warm tone of the intro.

Summer Fling” embodies the giddy feeling of getting back out in the sun, having new experiences, and meeting new people. This tune sets the vibe, tells a story, and doesn’t overstay its welcome. It was a great time, and if it doesn’t work out… well, there’s always next summer!

A fervent student of music, D a v i d J a m e s’ current project lies in homage to his early adolescence. It’s a cross-section of hip hop, indie, and jazz – where the hip hop & soul grooves are a vessel to explore earnest songwriting and facilitate grounds for new levels of guitar virtuosity.

If you’re digging the soulful and cozy jazzhop vibes of “Summer Fling”, be sure to give the rest of the tunes on “Davy’s Lo Fi Sampler” a listen!

D a v i d J a m e s Davy’s Lo Fi Sampler
Rain In April – D a v i d J a m e s 01:04
Autumn Afternoon – D a v i d J a m e s 01:56
Night Dweller – D a v i d J a m e s 01:11
Summer Fling – D a v i d J a m e s 01:41
Chill Bossa – D a v i d J a m e s 01:06
GoldiLocks – D a v i d J a m e s 01:54
You And Me Under The Stars – D a v i d J a m e s 01:24
The Good Days Aren’t Over – D a v i d J a m e s 02:06
Low Visibility – D a v i d J a m e s 02:01
You Got This – D a v i d J a m e s 01:50