We’ve been following RINZ. and his mesmerizing beat music for quite some time and today I’m stoked to announce we’re doing a label release together – “Static Second”.

In this gorgeous guitar-driven chillhop piece he tried to create a sense of nostalgia and tension by combining organic elements and static noise sounds, all lied out with captivating beats. The ‘static’ sound in the intro and the eventual drop with soothing Rhodes represent a zoning out moment, a sense of hovering. He elaborates:

Before 2020, there was so much movement around me that I would forget to stand still and take a moment to breathe. This past year has been a giant breather from my dynamic life. I made this song to reflect on this new slow-moving, long-lasting stillness.

We sincerely hope this track would bring you peace. And would also remind you to take things easy sometimes – even if it’s just for a second.