Leisureville’s bio is a true gem in a vast field of rocks. The US duo described the experience of their sound as… well, better read this.

Picture yourself on a beach. Toes in the sand. Salted wind tickling your nostrils. An orange sun burns above the glittering sea and reflects its glowing warmth against your face. You left corporate 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. You feel great, you look great, You haven’t been stressed since you left. You’ve learned to stop worrying and start enjoying the present moment. Now you’re free to kick back, relax and enjoy till your time comes. Are you there? Can you feel it? Perfect. Now jam all of that into your ear. That’s Leisureville.

In their latest sound journey “Speak” featuring Numatik, the guys explore a seduction slow-motion universe that absolutely matches the above-shared description. This should be the opening of your sexy time playlists.