“Sparrow” feels like Little Dragon and Radiohead merged their aesthetics for a moment to discover yet another layer of mysterious sense of warmth and transcendence.

The song was the result of the collaboration between Australian producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Shiel, Leah Kardos – pianist/composer and sound engineer, and singer-songwriter Kaitlin Keegan. They managed to create the sonic equivalent of a soul reaching out to eternity while exploring the fabric of reality. Tim elaborates:

 In the end, I think we have a song that leaves you thinking about what you want from life, about what’s important. But it also just simply floats if that’s all you need from it. I love when a piece of music can have a few different access points like that – it shapes itself to you and how you feel, not the other way around.

“Sparrow” is a mesmerizing journey through the exponentiality of existence – welcoming us in the “marvellous Shiel-o-matic universe“.