If you enjoy some classic Chillhop vibes I’ve got a little treat for you here!

Dutch producer RINZ. teamed up with his partner in crime KAM COSMIC for this beautiful collaboration.

‘Space Surfer’ is a lovely blend of jamming guitar lines and crispy drum layers topped with smooth embellishments, like the bells for instance. (No pun intended)

I’m a big fan of the simple but intricate approach. The guitar is performed super well and sounds amazing. Everything around it supports it perfectly, which takes the vibe to the next level. There’s a great balance in the activity or engagement of the track. It all blends in and nothing feels redundant in the mix – everything has its place.

Personally, I loved when the Mellotron-esque flute came in at the end, it really tied everything together and also worked great as a counter melody.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did!