Highly energizing, “South Boulevard” is a dynamic track, which combines lush instrumentation with tight bars. The track is part of Melbourne Producer Jacob Aedam’s interesting narrative based musical project which combines sonic storytelling with visual representation.

It made sense to me that listening to music should be an immersive experience” – he shares. Jacob Aedam’s first EP of 2020 Lone Mountain is a ‘kaleidoscopic-noir’ murder/mystery accompanied by it’s visual counter-part Who Shot Bill?: a 66-page photo book documenting the journey of protagonist Jack McCall while on the run in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now Aedam looks to bring sections from the narrative to life through music videos and vocal features, taking on the personas of characters in his story.

“South Boulevard”, which features Yung Shōgun‘s vocals, is the last piece from Aedam’s vinyl/zine release. The narrative follows Jack McCall and his journey from Deadwood, South Dakota to Las Vegas, Nevada circa 1971 – after being accused of the murder of Wild Bill Hickok. “South Boulevard” documents Jack’s final 24 hours in Vegas, boarded up inside of his hotel room – questioning his own motive and identity while trying to work out ‘who shot Bill’?

The Music Video, directed by Peter Elisha Hume (Client Liaison, Kim Dracula, Odette) is reminiscent of a Tarantino / Cohen Brothers short film and will add yet another layer to your experience: