A few weeks ago the homie Vuyo dropped a sick new track with Norwegian 5-piece GiddyGang. After the stellar work with Ol Burger Beats on Dialogue., “Sou” is just a cherry on the top. Vuyo is officially on fire.

I love the incorporation of live instrumentals in this, and Sarah Nærø Pettersen (GiddyGang’s vocalist) singing abilities are superb to say the least. They perfectly fit with the low-key laid-back flow of Vuyo. “Sour” follows the story of Vuyo and his childhood, something you can feel in the rawness of his rapping, perfectly juxtaposed to Sarah’s silk-smooth singing. I highly advise digging into the lyrics, here’s a snippet that really got to me. Emotionally charged and perfectly executed!

Almost never knew where my dad was from
Third bomb threat, and my mom was done
Packed our bags
Now we’re off to Norway