Canadian-Jamaican singer MODLEE returns with what can only be described as r&b gold. “Soul Urge” is riddled with soul. The rhythm section is immediately present, and drives the song throughout, followed swiftly by subtle synths, deep bass, and accompanied with silky smooth vocals, the track is an easy listen despite its musical complexity.

The blend of genre through clear musical influences creates a musical treat similar to that of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”. MODLEE’s vocal tone is sensual yet stylish, and takes what is already a delightfully produce space-funk, hip-hop, electro fuse and turns it into an r&b treasure that transports straight back to the 1990s, whilst simultaneously grasping that modern feel.

The artist shares how “the song took a little time to find the right sonics to fit the lyrics through. We wanted to give it a feel of live instruments but at the same time with some tight produced drums so we could play it in the club.”

The lead single, “Soul Urge” sets the scene for the same-titled album. A true fusion of rhythmic groove, electro synth and retro vocals is displayed throughout, and every track remains cohesive yet stays unpredictable and inviting.

Her passion radiates on this project, every song is filled with feel and a fusion of genres that takes the listener on a R&B, funk and soul adventure… and if you’re riding the MODLEE train, well, you won’t want to get off.