Starting the week with coffee and funky chilled vibes!

This lovely soulful tune by AHSIA will certainly uplift your mood and help you enter the week with a smile. “Soul N Me” blends r&b, soul and jazz to stir up a pleasing self-love anthem. The uprising Vancouver-based artist shared:

While writing this song I wanted to articulate feelings of being confident in (and loving) your
own authentic self. Embracing solitude and the comfort that we should all have in our own skin. I
wanted to convey feelings of independence and appreciation for your own individuality (and the
path to discovering that individuality). Growing up without many friendships, I had to learn to
encourage these types of feelings within myself. I wrote this song with hopes that listeners might
grasp onto some of those same feelings. It’s important that we love and support each other – but
it’s just as (if not more) important that you love and root for yourself.

Certainly, a track to caress your ears, this song will also nurture your soul and provide you with a big cup of positive vibes – enough for the whole day!