Going into Friday night is accompanied with one of the most positive soundtracks you’ve heard in a while.

Chima Anya and his captivating storytelling are back with this funk & soul-infused piece called “Soon 2 (shine a light)” that will undoubtedly put a smile to your face, thanks to the bright guitars, funky basslines, warm vocal samples, and Chima’s effortless flow. It’s actually a sequence to his “Soon” with SoulChef, released a little over 2 years ago, on which he elaborates:

The original “Soon” came out at the beginning of the pandemic, it was a tough time to stay optimisitic but essential. As we approach the exit strategy for the pandemic, at the height of the year I felt it was essential to focus on how much we still have much to look forward to and celebrate how we’ve made it this far. The original “Soon” was always a fan-favourite despite it being drowned out by the misery of the time so I wanted to give SOON as a concept another lease of life. We’ve remade the video from the original Soon also and that will drop in a few weeks.