After “Wishful Thinking” and “Beyond The Horizon“, I’m excited to finally share with you the full album that Steezy Prime and azayaka crafted. Freshly released by Stereofox, a new chapter is the kind of lofi bliss, that works great both as a nap-pill and morning coffee.

For example, with its strong optimistic flavour “Sometimes Is Never Now” could be the perfect start of the day – making you feel at ease with everything and helping you to tune into the glass-is-always-full mindset. At the same time, it could also be a beautiful way to teleport into the realm of sweet dreams. Whichever you choose, you will surely feel the intention of the producers to encapsulate hope for a brighter future. Regarding the album, azayaka shares:

This album is a wonderful experiment by myself and my good friend Steezy Prime. We wanted to take Lofi songs with both minimal and intimate production and imbue them with feelings of hope and warmth. It’s aptly titled ‘a new chapter’ to solidify our message of optimism both philosophically and creatively.

Stream here.