Funk + Friday is one of my favourite combos! Thanks to LOELASH and Palmaria, that’s exactly what we have on the menu today.

Hailing from Italy, but now based in London, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ LOELASH teamed up with rising Italian alt-pop duo Palmaria on the new dreamy R&B single “Somebody New”. Taken from his forthcoming album Fantasia, the single fuses jazz-intimacies to concoct a sun-drenched single laced with euphoric freedom. 

Drawing on Middle Eastern sonics and sleek pop traits, the single is built upon a foundation of swirling R&B and scatty jazz hip-hop beats. Layering the soft vocals from Palmaria’s Giulia upon hazy melodies and exquisite production, “Somebody New” navigates through the motions of change and emerges with a heightened vibrancy that proves the trio’s collaboration is silky smooth. LOELASH elaborates:

As musicians and artists, overcoming our fears and insecurities may be the hardest challenge. Somebody New is a positive message to whoever is ready to accept evolution as the birth of a new era, especially during these challenging times.

Nothing more left to say, except for go ahead and press play! And Long Live the Funky Friday!