Another wonderful track from P.R.’s new album, “Solo” carries the lightheartedness of the moment you were gifted with some time by yourself. It reminds us of the first day of the lockdown, when we found ourselves with more free time and less social contacts, but that was refreshing in a way.

The track is built on unobtrusive percussion, garnished with peaceful guitar grooves and warm keys. The laid-back atmosphere is charmingly enhanced by some sparkling bells. This is how P.R. welcomes us into the album, dedicated to his time in isolation last year.

If you still haven’t heard the versatile release, make sure you scroll down: P.R. – Behind Borders
P.R. – Solo – 03:08
P.R. – Time Away (feat. Chillcat) – 02:13
P.R. – Landing Place – 02:15
P.R. – Centered (feat. Stan Forebee) – 02:35
P.R. – Gone For Good – 03:06
P.R. – Isolated (feat. Carla Waye) – 03:50
P.R. – Lockdown (feat. Ric Flo & Kenji) – 03:21
P.R. – Make It Through – 02:51