Christian Löffler served a moving deep house driven tune and you wouldn’t like to miss it.

“Solo” pulls on Christian Löffler’s early-career works, a sound that weaves the thumping and the heart-tugging seamlessly in a production tapestry that’s become synonymous with the musician. Combining driving beats and climaxing arrangements with subtle vocals and field recordings, Löffler shows time and again that the dancefloor isn’t just for dancing – it’s also a space for deep emotions and contemplation. 

The German producer and visual artist combined recordings of his own voice and knocks on a wooden table with passages on the piano and synthesizer. He shares:

I associate this track with movement, running and springtime. It’s all about becoming free from boundaries. I didn’t want to dictate which equipment I used for it, everything should be allowed.

And that’s how the captivating atmosphere of “Solo” was created, for us to enjoy while drifting away, listening to this wonderful piece.