When you think of consistency within future garage, you think of Vesky. Few can claim to match the unerring quality of the young artist’s discography, and his new track “Solace” is no different.

A deep, rolling, atmospheric piece, Vesky stays true to the classic future garage sound. Thick lowpassed reeses, foley percussion, vocal cuts, everything’s there in abundance. I’m getting nostalgic just listening to it actually; there’s something about this track in particular that makes me miss the old days of the genre. Perhaps that nostalgia stems from the lowpassed piano melody that ushers the track in, or maybe it’s the classic filtered percussion build-up that does it. Whatever it is, the Vesky style is instantly recognisable.

There’s something so clean about the way the bassline dances underneath the foley; honestly a well-mixed garage reese must be one of the most satisfying sounds on Earth. In “Solace”, Vesky has let the harmonics of the sub breathe, giving it a purposeful presence that cuts through the swirling smoothness of the piano topline and drives the track forward like an oar through water.

Whether you’ve been a future garage connoisseur from the beginning or you’re just discovering the genre now, Vesky is worth a listen.

Stream “Solace” here: