Arthrn’s “Soft Pace” is one of those curve balls. It was some 40 seconds in when I felt this zen and peaceful feeling on the inside, but I didn’t feel the track will go anywhere, until… I felt my favourite goosebumps chill spiraling from my toes till my head. 00:49 was THAT moment when you stop everything because you know you’ve heard your new favourite track.

I don’t know much about the Montpellier-based producer, but his sound is not something I encounter every day. From spacious cinematic to dark near-rave compositions, his new album In Depth has it all. Artistic creativity and musical eclecticism (rap, pop, alternative rock, electro, ambient, downtempo, chill, soundscape characterize Arthrn’s singular musical universe.

Blending ambient, drone, experimental electronica and downtempo with a dark twist, “Soft Pace” is what stood out in my book and I’m very happy to share it with you today.