Love when we get to share artists from countries we don’t often do. Discovering local talent from across the world is pretty much the best thing about running Stereofox. Today’s gem comes from Trinidad and Tobago!

Meet Annalie Primie – singer, songwriter, producer who blends a whole array of genres. She fuses sounds we’ve all grown on such as calypso, folk, indie, dub, r&b, and jazz among others, with stories of the now. Her lyrics voice statements of female energy, independence, and blackness carried by melodies as divine as the energy she represents, something you will experience in today’s reason to love music called “So Tired”. The track kicks off with a tight hi-hat pattern bouncing in between L and R. Then when I was just thinking to myself, “damn this is good“. Annalie’s vocals kicked in. Instant win, friends.

The track is a micro-cosmos of its own, with island dub vibes, r&b silkness, smooth bars and late jazzy brass. Honestly, words do no justice to how interesting this is. I respect that Annalie Prime seeks to leave her mark on the world through music while promoting her island nation in a new way through sound that can uplift and encourage each of us to know ourselves and feel good about who we are.