It’s always better if you can start your week in a smooth way.

Montreal-based singer Magi Merlin delivers a gorgeous piece that swings between r&b and neo-soul. “So Smooth” has captivating synths & slow drums, produced by funkywhat, and sweet & deep multi-layered vocals. Magi elaborates on the story:

The song is about “selfish” hookups. By selfish I mean, when I was dating and meeting new people I realized it was a way of finding myself through the action of getting to know someone new.

Since I wrote the song when I was exploring casual dating. I realized I wasn’t talking and hanging out with people because I wanted to necessarily date long term, it was because I was trying to find and understand myself in a more sexual context.

The song can come off like I’m dissing the people I went out with but I consider it more of an empowering track. It’s the realization that I don’t need someone to tell me I’m cool or smooth or any of that. It’s the realization that I can decide that for myself.