Eerie ambiance, pulsing grooves, thought-provoking concepts – you guessed right, it’s AK. His latest release “Smoke” brings all of those features above in the typical elegant fashion the German producer is known for.

Almost like on a long road trip where you just let the world around you fade away and focus on the journey itself, “Smoke” captivates you from the first drop. The drum patterns dance in a memorable and soothing breakbeat rhythm, while the bass pad and melodic textures become one cohesive soundscape.

“When I wrote the song in 2020, I tried to capture how I felt about the current state of the world, climate change in particular. The title ‘Smoke’ metaphorically stands for a symptom of something having gone wrong, while the hopeful mood of the track tries to indicate that things can still be steered into a different direction.”

The travel analogy, combined with the nature concept of this track can be also enjoyed in the minimal yet stunning visual, liked below: