The enigmatic artist, Ethan, known to the world as Smeethan, is embarking on an extraordinary journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of creativity. After captivating audiences with “THE ABSURD HOPE OF STARSHIP DESTINY” and “Soul Symphony,” he is venturing into uncharted territory, creating a multisensory art experience designed to ignite all five senses.

Smeethan’s transition from the realm of music to this comprehensive sensory adventure is rooted in his belief in the power of technology to awaken the full spectrum of human perception. At the heart of this visionary endeavor lie “Soul Symphony” and “THE ABSURD HOPE OF STARSHIP DESTINY.” Paying tribute to the beauty of the natural world and acknowledging human innovation, these works indicate the artist’s dream to bring together nature and technology.

Creating a balanced multisensory experience is a significant challenge. Smeethan and his team carefully blend sound, visuals, taste, and scent to resonate individually and collectively. Allyx, the expert in taste and smell, collaborates closely with him to enhance the journey. They address technical, safety, and mobility issues with precision using lightweight, sturdy structures and collapsible equipment. The communal aspect, accommodating up to eight attendees, enhances the individual experience. 

As his new project prepares for music festivals, exhibitions, and museums, Smeethan strategically forges partnerships to reach the right audience. Guided by humility and boundless passion, he shares his visionary world on a global stage. The artist’s multisensory art project symbolizes hope, ingenuity, and collaboration, reflecting a lifetime of observations and experiences, and serving as an inspirational beacon in a world seeking solace and strength. 

Check out Smeethan’s music below: