I have to say – the story of Scandinavian brothers’ KOFĒSHOP is one of the most interesting things I’ve read in an up-and-coming artist bio. Fredrick and Hans’ mother had a coffee in a small fishing village called Smögen in Sweden. The guys were taking turns playing on an old CPS-201, seeing who could come up with the catchiest melodies, and eventually, the customers started noticing their sound and before they knew it their music was a big reason for them to come back in that coffee shop.

The beat competitions evolved into making custom tapes which while at first were just being played at Kafé Johan (the name of the spot), eventually gained popularity in the whole of Smögen.

Today the guys live in US and release under the name KOFĒSHOP. Taken from their September 2020 release Latē Mornings, “Slow Gazē” is a beautiful cross between ambient and bass-driven lofi music.

This song is something special. Backed up by chill Lofi drums, this song begins with a soothing piano to go with angelic background vocals and a bass to tie it all together. The drop of this song is reminiscent of that moment when the boy/girl of one’s dreams walks by and everything turns into slow-motion while you get a quick gaze at them.