This is the title and opening track from Ethan Mark’s latest LP. The Canadian producer is offering us an intriguing album of multi-genre, kaleidoscopic nature, which is merging dance music with afrobeat, afro-fusion, future garage and more. Concerning the opening song “Skin To Skin” Mark shares:

This track is a happy accident and shouldn’t work. Old, unused home-recorded percussion loops mixed with some whacky African drum samples make for a deep groove with loads of texture and bounce. Synths that have been tinkered with to ride that weird drum bounce. All brought together by a sped-up reggaetón sample. The slow down brings it all into this mellower, thick groove, almost like a neo-soul track, to me. It makes for one of the strangest, and yet most creative tracks I’ve managed to put together.

Only 1:43 long, the track is packed with energy and heat. It feels like it’s meant to give you a taste of what is yet to come: the rest of this outstanding album. If you’re looking for a dose of healthy caffeine – this is it.

Please, do yourself a favour and dive into the album, starting with this revitalizing track – take a good sip of it, let it flow through your veins and enjoy yourself!