Kicking off this week with something groovy from the lovely Justy.

Another rework from the funk master Josh Tarzi, this time of her “Sister, Sister” – the 2nd piece of the upcoming Remix EP of Pain With Benefits. With fresh vibes in the instrumental but a bitter taste in the lyrics, the song has a heartfelt confession of Justy’s experiences, which she calls “an ode to a platonic loss”:

Nobody talks about the worst breakup; the breakup of a friendship. When I thought the pain of my breakup couldn’t worsen, I was also met with the loss of my best friend who began dating my ex. In my lowest moment I thought of how it felt to lose someone who felt like a sister. Sister, Sister takes on this pain of platonic loss. Giving new life to the original, as featured on my debut album, the remix is a reminder of where I started vs. where I am now a year later.

Justy’s signature hazy vocals and captivating bars intertwine with playful basslines, groovy drums, and warm keys.

She also elaborates on her collab with Josh:

Working with Josh and bringing new life to some of my favorite tracks off of my debut album was incredible. It’s done in a way it feels like the remix project gives some further closure to the overall journey of healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. It’s also amazing to see how a year later we’ve progressed sonically and can sort of look back from an outside perspective at this point.