TaiTheGawd is back in our feed with a track that’s balancing between smoothness and power.

“Shine” is backed up by dreamy synths, lush sax and head-bopping beats and showcases the Memphis rapper’s skillful flow and captivating storytelling.

This is the opening track of his Bonfire album (together with “Showin’ Off“) and you should absolutely play it from start to finish:

Shine – TAITHEGAWD 02:53
Faucet – TAITHEGAWD 03:12
Berzerk (ft. Tay Rob) – TAITHEGAWD 02:58
Showin’ Off – TAITHEGAWD 02:00
Outer Space – TAITHEGAWD 02:25
The Pressure – TAITHEGAWD 02:20
Bonfire – TAITHEGAWD 03:34