There was a girl back in 2019 that blew my mind – with her unique & unorthodox approach towards indie pop, or whatever you want to call it.

I’m talking about Sharky and her “Touch” – a real roller-coaster of a song.

Now, I’m stoked to see her working with someone very dear to us – Tru Thoughts. Her debut on the UK label is called “Shark” – a song exploring “the pivotal moment of sexual ecstasy through humoured lyrics and the analogy of a shark about to break the ocean surface”.

A captivating and very hazy synth-rich sonic experience, with her signature warm & fuzzy vocals. She elaborates:

I wrote a silly poem about sex years ago next to a photograph of a Great White shark about to break the surf. Years later, I made it into a tune on my nan’s old keyboard… It’s like a smutty love song