When Fat Freddy’s Drop announce new things, it’s a happy day in my book. Their new album WAIRUNGA is released end of August and we get the first taste with their new single “Shady”. And how good is this tune even?

I can’t even pinpoint the genre this belongs to: traditionally I’d think of Fat Freddy’s Drop as funk, but I’m definitely hearing a lot of Afro elements in “Shady” and I’m definitely digging it. Upon reading a bit more about the inspiration behind it, I dug out that the inspiration lies in South African style of techno called Amapiano (runs to listen more) and that influence matched with the band’s native style is just an ear candy.

WAIRUNGA was recorded live in the outdoor surrounds of an island Wairunga and a concert film will be streamed July 31st. Mark your calendars!