The Stereofox platform is not just about great songs, but also about showcasing the artistic evolutions of great musicians. In our latest label release, we’re riding not only with an OG, but an artist we’ve seen make huge moves over the past years.

Thomas Schillebeeckx, the veteran producer behind Poldoore, brings craftsmanship to the instrumental hip hop game. For over a decade, fans have watched as the small details illuminate further in his work. From assembling an album from his own studio sessions to designing his own drums from scratch — he’s perpetually pushing the envelope of quality production.

His long investment in sound’s brought high returns for listeners, as his diverse styles have built a brand on evoking deep emotion. And just at the time when we can appreciate it most, his latest single “Shade” emits a metaphorical warming sensation for the brisk darkness; shade for the sweltering summer. A moment of sonic relief during this chaotic era.

A strong presence of musicality rings like a chorus throughout “Shade” complemented by an unmistakable Poldoore head-nodding hip hop groove. If you’re feeling this one, stream/buy “Shade” on all platforms here.