Using jazzy keys and soulful brass melodies to study yourself sounds like the perfect therapy.

“The main melody on “self assessment.” is extracted from a solo I played in a live session. Cutting and manipulating a solo which was spontaneous and in most cases would have lived solely in that live session felt like I was going through my performance with a fine-tooth comb. It felt like a self assessment. It has ended up being one of my favourite tracks, simply because the foundation of the track is improvised, and so it feels more genuine to me. I feel like I can hear how I felt when I first played it.”

With its punchy groove and warm bassline, the truly genuine metaphor of this track will let you dive deep into a world of gorgeous jazzhop sounds. Melancholic soulful harmonies combined with diverse transitions and buildups will then seamlessly lock in with the rhythm of your day.

Having been played on BBC radio in “2020 Hot List”, and “Future Names”, the London-based producer is becoming an important part of the jazzhop beat scene, and “self assessment.” marks his first Stereofox Records release, which we’re incredibly pumped for!

Last but most certainly not least, the track comes out with a brilliant music video to help you explore its beauty not only sonically, but also visually! Check is out below!