This summer, Seekay first conquered our hearts and loyalty with the drop of an atmospheric electronica-pop single, “Hold,” featuring Chloe’s moving vocals. He follows-up on this success with a newly released track, “Fall,” that also features Chloe as the vocalist of the track. The pair have found the subtle equilibrium to express Seekay’s emotions in the most profound ways. “Fall” stems from Seekay’s experience of depression and suicide, issues he indirectly experienced through a close friend who passed away after having to deal with such issues. Seekay has taken his pain to express it within the artistic realm, but also to help anyone going through such difficulty by inciting them to get the appropriate medical treatment and not take it lightly. 

As usual with Seekay, the song is astoundingly beautiful, and we really hope to hear more music from him and Chloe in the near future.