I’ve been riding the instrumental wave for a while now, so Mulay’s “SEE MEE” came to add some beautiful vocal diversity in my day. The Berlin-based alternative r&b singer-songwriter, producer and artist is actually not a new name in our feed. Going all the way back to 2016, she was a featured artist in Tender Games’ “Flames” track.

I love absolutely everything about this track. From her captivating vocals to the lush crispy beat underneath.

The accompanying visuals portray the process and pain of letting go as Mulay watches someone she loves leave her, all whilst deep down knowing that it’s for the best and this is meant to be, as she explains, “It’s about feeling stuck between the impossibility of moving backwards and the inability of moving forward, about feeling trapped in an inescapable spiral of pain.”

She continues, “Even though the lyrics deal with pain and heartbreak, the upbeat production gives a lightness to the song that hints that the pain described is actually just a part of the process of letting go and a step towards acceptance and ultimately healing.

“We cannot hold on to love. We can only cherish and nourish it once it finds us and practice acceptance and gratitude for having experienced it, once it leaves. It will hurt. like hell. But you will live through it and get out on the other side. You will grow and it will bring you closer to yourself. Sometimes things need to end, so others can begin. Sometimes we have to let go, to say goodbye to what we know, to create space for change, so we can transform.”