B.Visible keeps on melting the barrier between analog and digital. The Viennese producer, skilled at blending sharp electronic components with dusty acoustic layers, has a new track, in which he continues to explore sound textures. This time, he decided to dedicate it to the beautiful sea creatures, which are held in captivity, just for the sake of decorating our living rooms. So let’s not use fish, but music to cheer up and make our lives more colourful.

 “Seadoo” will bring you somewhere, where you haven’t been before. With its joyous percussion and vibrant plethora of playful percussion, organic sounds, flutes, horns and vocal samples, it will send you somewhere in nature, where the only thing that follows its schedule is the divine choreography of life’s rhythm.

Now, you might even be able to choose: between the Amazonian mysterious forest or the ocean bed. Both, full of incredible forms of existence, where you’ll be surrounded by the ecstatic movement of living creatures. Feel free to let loose and get lost in whichever you choose – “Seadoo” is your ticket for a meditative trans, after which you’ll feel much more connected to yourself and life’s source.