I love riding the groovy train mid-week, and this one’s an absolute delight and a source of good vibes.

Austin-based disco-pop duo CAPYAC teamed up with LA rapper Slim Jeff & LA singer Annabelle Maginnis (who’s also on “Little Toes”) for this uplifting fusion of disco, house, hip hop, and soul – just what right formula. Jeff shares:

“Sanctuary” is basically a safe space for love. Protection/escape from all the isms/ills of prejudice in our society. ‘Without love we’re all here just because.’ It’s an encouragement to be yourself and to be comfortable with that even if society tells you otherwise and personally it was the freedom to try something new. This isn’t a genre of music I would normally rap to, but it felt like the perfect music bed to make my point. It’s basically a song for anyone who feels marginalized. Like you we can come together without our biases to this music church/music world/safe space and just have fun.

And there’s also a pretty cool music video that perfectly goes along with this gorgeous track: