Hold tight, as our next feature takes you on a mindful and mystic journey inspired by progressive house and electronica elements.

“Rwanda” is the title track of Angara’s new Monstercat 2-track release which just got out last week. The French electronic duo are definitely inspired by the UK garage scene on this one, but they perfectly blend tribal elements which further enhance the early morning rave vibe of the composition.

They share, “Rwanda and Kyoto were composed during national confinement. Isolated in our studio, we felt the need to travel sitting on our chair, at least mentally. Rwanda syncopated rhythms combined with the warmth of gated vocals to break the routine and the mix of softness and liveliness of Kyoto to match our emotions tinted with doubts but also hope.

Listening to this feels like a wave of energy passing through my body and I just want to run along the edge of a cliff and then jump and fall down in the middle of a rave.