The wonderful Dutch r&b queen Joya Mooi is back with another gem.

The gentle but uplifting piece is called “Roselle”, named after the roselle hibiscus flower and blending elements from r&b, indie pop & soul, with pinches of jazz & electronica. Joya elaborates:

Roselle is inspired by the roselle hibiscus flower – a celebration of cross-continental traditions, despite their painful origin. One plant (amongst many others) is part of the botanical legacy that connects the African Diaspora with the transatlantic slave trade. I think there’s something magical and interesting about these traditions that exist over 400 years, stemming from a horrendous past.

The single is a luscious introduction to her 4th studio album which will be released in 2 parts, with Side A coming on September 30th. The album will cover the themes of patterns, reflection, identity and spirituality, and aims to spark change for the better.