The artist with many names, Robby Vee, is back at it with yet another release to wow fans. His two new tracks titled “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love” are boosting his name in the scene as he emerges into a new aura. The Prince Of Twang perfectly displays his talents and vocals on these two releases and manages to swing back and forth between the genres.

Robert Velline was named after his father, Bobby Vee, and their musical prowess is definitely one that catches attention. He is a rock-n-roll legend and veteran swerving the crowds with the perfect combination of tracks.

The track “Good Morning” offers the best country vibe that can take you on a long road trip through the idyllic scenery. The song is an exquisite rendition of his skills and the perfect outlet for listeners to enjoy his raw and emotional vocals. The second track, “A Forever Kind Of Love,” is a sure-fire hit for the summer. The song spews love vibes and sets you in a perfectly relaxed scene. His lyrics are contagious, and his tunes are infectious; Robby Vee is quickly rising his way to the top of many playlists.

His unique style and perfectly composed soundscapes have garnered him with the right tool to blend various elements through his collection of tracks.