One of the most authentic emerging artists in 2022, Alice The G00N drops her second ever single “Lucky”, a multi-genre track that’s full of relatable lyrics and marvelous electronic beats to accompany the melodic ambiance of the song. 

After releasing her debut single “Who Do You Love?” which has already accumulated tens of thousands of streams, Alice The G00N is looking to expand her newcomming interest with her second single “Lucky.” Compared to the previous track, “Lucky” contemplates with more aggressive and varying sounds that truly embody the experimental nature of Alice The G00N.

One thing that sets Alice The G00N apart from her peers is her writing style and catchy mixes. She takes sound bites or certain melodies from all of her favorite video games and films that reflect her personality. This way, each sound or verse is carefully selected and makes Alice The G00N truly unique. 

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