After releasing their self-titled EP, featuring the tracks “The World And Its Weight” and “Less For Regret,” Riot for Romance, continues to impress with their latest song “Karma Police.” The American post-punk and alt-rock band last shared their take on Radiohead’s OK Computer single, delivering an emotional experience that caters to both nostalgia and a bright future full of promise. 

Jason Hansen; the group’s frontman, recently opened up about the band name, revealing: “No Knife came out with an album titled Riot For Romance! in the early ’00s which included a song with the same namesake. It’s such a great song – and album for that matter. I love the alliteration in the name. And beyond this tangible connection, it has something more abstract to it. In the same vein as my lyrics, I believe it’s a name that can draw meaning to individuals as it resonates with them.”

In other words, Hansen explains that “companionship and connection with others is something we crave as humans. That connection is something we all strive for romantically, platonically, and otherwise. Also, we live in a society where certain groups of people are fighting for their rights just to be who they are – just to live life. We are allies for all of these. We’re willing to fight for the idea that love wins.”

Hansen even shares an interesting story about how the indie rock band from California showed their support for Riot for Romance: “When our self-titled release first dropped, a fan @mentioned No Knife on Instagram asking what they thought about our band name. To our surprise, the band responded with their blessing and well wishes.”

Riot for Romance, consisting of Hansen, Brett Miotti (bass); and Kelly Nunn (drums/guitars), has enjoyed radio and streaming chart success, thanks to singles like “Less For Regret,” “The World And Its Weight,” and “Karma Police.” Having toured with and learned from their various musical influences, the band has produced several international releases and performed at numerous music festivals across the country.

Check out their music below: