“Returning Tides” is part of Nogymx ‘s latest EP – Stillness in Motion. The Asian-influenced chill hop EP mimics both the calm and yet ever-moving still waters.

 This track is a piano-centric instrumental with hard-hitting drums and some beautifully solemn strings. Relaxing, with a dash of sweet melancholy, it will allow you to drench in peaceful mellowness.

Listen to the whole EP here:

NOGYMX Stillness in Motion
Still Rivers 🏞️ [mellow beats] – NOGYMX 02:18
Clarity – NOGYMX 02:21
Aoibhell’s Song (w/ Matchbox Youth) – NOGYMX 02:22
Returning Tides – NOGYMX 02:40
Silver Lake (w/ Raimu) – NOGYMX 03:01
Harbor at Moonrise – NOGYMX 02:30