After hiking for almost 50 km this weekend, and seeing some of the most stunning views in a while, Monday was a feisty slap back to reality. Packed with tasks and meetings, the day slipped quicker than the adventurous weekend. After slaying most of those things, now I get to sit on the balcony at my parents’ house, watch the neighbourhood and the calm blue sky and zone out with a track from the new TWO LANES EP Reflections.

Even though I’ve written almost 5000 features, I can’t find words to describe the calmness in my head right now. The surroundings evoke childhood memories, and given the fact that the streets around my house haven’t changed much, it feels like a trip down memory lane. I’m quietly observing yesterday’s kids (and the people I grew up with) who are now grown-ups, with their own families and busy lives. I know the track is called “Remembering the Future”, but it feels like remembering the past… in a beautiful, nostalgic way. Now I only wish my girlfriend was here, so we can sit back and watch the end of a great day. Reunited soon!

I know you’re not here to read some personal thoughts, but it kind of felt right to describe where I am right now, as it adds so much context and enhances the work of the 2 Berlin brothers whom I recently interviewed. As I mentioned, “Remembering the Future” is part of their new Reflections EP which came out on Friday via bitbird. They share,

“We look at the new EP as an extension of the ‘Lights EP’ which came out last year on bitbird. it’s about how a creative outcome can shape you emotionally, how you travel with your creative thoughts, and how this reflects on how you are as a person.” 

The release offers a wide array of electronic genres, from downtempo and organic progressive house to cinematic ambient, like today’s pick. We’ve featured quite a few of the singles along the way, but still – you can stream the EP in full below.

bitbird TWO LANES – Reflections
TWO LANES – Phases – bitbird 04:08
TWO LANES – Reflections – bitbird 03:51
TWO LANES – Another Time (ft. Kwesi) – bitbird 04:15
TWO LANES – Remembering the Future – bitbird 03:58
TWO LANES x Panama – Rolling Back – bitbird 03:58
TWO LANES – Transcend – bitbird 04:42
TWO LANES – Epilogue – bitbird 01:54