Today’s Stereofox release is extraordinary and slightly provocative and I’m more than excited to share with you everything about it!

“Remedy” combines minimalistic instrumental, warm vocals and a powerful message. Crafted by UK-Indian queer artist Reeta Loi, the track is a blend of r&b, triphop and jazz.

A singer, producer and spoken word artist with a reputation for disrupting the status quo, Reeta is a great storyteller with a lot to share. Featured on Forbes’ “100 Women Founders In Europe To Follow” as a CEO of , she was also the cover star of Gay Times and is a frequent TEDx London Curator & Speaker.

With a jazz singer background, she started producing 7 years and is currently combining all her gifts into her music. “Remedy” is a great example of her ability to meld together her interesting production style, captivating vocal tone and poignant lyrics. Reeta shares:

I’ve been on a journey to find my voice and message as a queer Indian woman and my time in Kerala, India a few years ago helped me land back in my voice, singing and playing acoustic instruments again after some years focused on production. “Remedy” is a unification of my message, my singing and my production and is the track I am most proud of so far. To be able to bring all these parts of myself together and share them in this way feels very special and has been a lifetime’s work.

Stream “Remedy” here.