2 weeks ago I shared with you Rome in Silver’s explosive remix of Mindchatter’s “Night Goggles“.

The Imaginary Audience (his 2020 album) remix journey continues with tech-house/electro-pop update of “Referees Don’t Fall in Love” by DJ, producer, and Radio Eins (Berlin) broadcaster Anja Schneider.

If you’ve heard the original, forget about it. The acoustics and slow-motion intimate feel created by Bryce Connolly are long gone. This is more than a remix, it’s re-imagination in its purest form. Anja takes his soothing vocals and shoots them into space in a dreamy, energetic capsule turning “Referees Don’t Fall in Love” a potential soundtrack to a movie called Robots Dance Too.

Been grooving to this all morning, and I hope you do too.