Sometimes, simplicity is key. This is one of those times. US-based Toka’s new Hiraeth EP is stripped back, raw and full of stunning detail. “Redamancy” is the 2nd tune from the tracklist, and is my personal favourite. It’s an intimate, piano-lined future garage track after all, how could it not be?

Warm and rich from the get-go, the track rises slowly to the sound of a reversed piano and a gentle percussive pluck that dances around it. The intro is no longer than it needs to be; lowpassed vocal cuts fill the stereo space, slowly being brought up to meet the chorus.

Tight drums punch cleanly through the mix, padded out with crunchy foley layers and delicate ghost snares reminiscent of tracks from the future garage golden era. Above all, however, the vocal cuts are the star of the show. Soaring over the top of the mix, they ring out bright and clear, effortlessly leading along the piano progression and the bassline that sits underneath it.

The Hiraeth EP is a must-listen for any future garage fan, as is the entirety of Toka’s vastly diverse discography. Listen to the release here:

toka Toka – Hiraeth EP
Toka – Hiraeth EP – toka 05:53