Despite carrying the energy of dance music, not every electronic track should be made for the dancefloor. “Reclamation” by the up-and-coming artist and producer To the Tide is the perfect example – it’s made for wandering through the trees, watching the waves crash, or seeing the sun touch the earth.

The title track of To the Tide’s debut EP Reclamation offers a stunningly developing soundscape – from atmospheric backdrops teeming with texture, to the brooding but subtle bassline, and powerful percussion.

Having never been a fan of the linearity of a “happily ever after”, the Vancouver-based artist’s approach of the story on Reclamation is cyclical – the end serves as the fertilizer for the beginning and vice versa. A poem written before the writing of the music represents each section of the music, bringing the project full circle and making it even more multilayered:

What started as small buds,
In a time when all seemed somber,
Soon flourish into a forest
Where it once could grow no longer.

But nothing can thrive forever,
There will always be a plateau.
Summer adjourns and focus turns
Toward the undergrowth.